Antelope Canyon

One of the most photographed areas in Arizona, Antelope Canyon is unlike anywhere we have ever seen before.  The Canyon itself was beautiful. The tour on the other hand, not so much.

Do not expect to be able to walk up and get tickets on the same day. It is possible, but pretty unlikely.  Your reservations should be made well ahead of time. Once it is time for your group to go, you might be surprised to find that you will be loaded into the back of one out of a dozen or so trucks that will be joining you in your tour.  Not to mention once you make the 2-3 mile drive, you will find a dozen or so trucks from 2-3 different tour companies in addition to your tour groups. Antelope canyon has also become a hot spot for many foreign travelers, so you may find yourself the only English speakers in your group; just like we were.

Sadly, the Canyon has turned in to just another source of revenue.  Our tour felt extremely rushed, and left little time for appreciation of the canyon.  Our guide literally told us the different places to stand in the canyon to take pictures and told us to “point, shoot, and move.” Sometimes even taking the camera from us to take the picture herself.

The canyon has only one way in and one way out, and you are instructed to not take pictures on your way back through in order to “fully take in the magnificence of the canyon.” As you can imagine, the real reason is they just want to hurry up and get you back to the start of the tour so they can load up the next paychecks.

Suggestions: Even with the disappointment of the tour, Antelope Canyon is a must see. You’ll also find that the time of day can completely alter the colors of the canyon dependent upon how much sunlight is making it’s way into the crevices.  Noon is supposed to be the best time for sunlight, so make sure you make your reservations early.  Don’t expect much from your tour, and you surely won’t be disappointed!