The Grand Canyon

We get it, we’re a travel blog with a post about the Grand Canyon, it might be cliche, but how could we not possibly include it? Is there any true travel enthusiast that wasn’t awed by its beauty and size?

We decided to visit the South Rim National Park. It was definitely pricey, and extremely crowded, but it does offer some of the best views of the Canyon. We parked and rode some of the shuttles to the different areas in the park.  It was the best option if you don’t mind lines. We highly recommend taking the Hermit’s Rest line.  The bus makes 9 stops on the way up to the top, all offering stunning views of the Canyon.

Once we finished up, we headed North towards Page. There were plenty of stops along the way that offered similar views to the National Park (and didn’t cost anything).

Our suggestions? TAKE YOUR TIME! This isn’t always easy for us, but the Grand Canyon should be a relaxing trip, there’s truly no rush to try to see it all, because I promise you can’t. If you have an extended amount of time, pay a visit to the National Park.  If you’re on a budget, or are in a hurry, take in some of the free views!