The Shard

The Shard was my personal favorite attraction in London.  This contemporary-styled building offers the best views of London around.  Once inside the building, you will take 2 separate elevators on your journey up to the 68th, 69th, and 72nd floors where you will be able to step into a floor-to-ceiling glass walled viewing area, or make your way up an additional three flights of stairs to an opened ceiling viewing area.  Each level has its own bar where you can purchase champagne and enjoy a romantic evening above one of the most historic cities of all time. Sunset hour is a very popular yet beautiful time to go up into the Shard.

If you are lucky enough to catch this attraction during a non-peak time, you can easily grab a table or sit yourself in front of the windows to take in the sites of downtown.  However, if you aren’t able to avoid the rush, you will find yourself standing in yet another over-crowded area as there is no time limit to how long you can stay at the top, and there is a new wave of people coming up every half hour.

I highly recommend that you purchase your tickets ahead of time.  This will at least help you avoid the painfully slow ticket line.  Just be sure that you purchase the time that you will be there, as they will not let you go up before your scheduled time.