Tower of London

I found the Tower of London to be much more impressive from the outside.  If you are a fan of British history, then I highly recommend a trip to the tower.  You could easily spend several hours going through all of the buildings within the tower.  However, if you aren’t one for history, the Tower can be rather boring.  The architecture within the walls is nothing compared to what you will see from the outside.

You have the opportunity to take a guided tour around the entire Tower.  We opted for the self-guided tour.   The highlights consist of the Crown Jewels and the Ravens.  I suppose you could add the guards and Beefeaters if you enjoy watching strangely dressed men marching around in an odd fashion.  If you want to see the Crown Jewels, be prepared to wait in poorly queued lines with a rush of foreigners pushing their way to the front.  The wait is approximately an hour, but the line weaves through many other artifacts that seem to aid in passing the time.  Once you make it to the crown jewels, don’t expect to take any pictures (phones and cameras not allowed) or spend any length of time looking.  You are hurried onto a moving walkway to prevent a buildup in front of the Jewels.